Dear Seekers……….

What an honour it was to take my Holy Fire Reiki Master with Candace.  She is a kind and gentle soul that loves to see us grow and learn at our own pace.

Work with Candace 1-1 ….

Are you seeking to be more spiritual ?

I feel that everyone on this planet should learn Reiki. It is an amazing healing energy that allows YOU to heal, bring CALMNESS and CLARITY and SPIRITUALITY into your life.

Imagine yourself living a lifestyle of Reiki, feeling the LOVE around YOU all the time.  Reiki is LOVE , Spirit is LOVE

In order to increase YOUR energy, YOU will follow a proven daily routine that is simple, rejuvenating and relaxing that YOU will actually look forward to.

Reiki your food before you eat to assist in keeping you healthy. Reiki your seeds before you plant them, Reiki your house to clear any negativity that may have occurred . Reiki your children when they feel sad or not well. There are so many amazing reasons to learn Reiki..

When we speak about HEALING, it is not a super MAGIC wand that can resolve everything. YOU must be committed to doing the work along with me. You must have a desire and willingness to change to grow and to evolve

It is my absolute passion to be your guide and SUPPORT you,  to assist you on your journey to be all YOU CAN BE.

Transform and create the life you want. We can work together to unleash the power of your gift, gain confidence of who you are, step through your fears and be who you want to be.

I look forward to working with you
Infinite Blessings
Candace Hawkshaw 

“Learning Reiki has not only helped me to heal myself but has given me such a great gift to be able to help heal others too. The Reiki lifestyle has transformed my family into a beautiful garden producing unique fruits. This is what happens when we let the love of the universe in to our lives. So I say lets spread the love and heal the world together. ”

“It has helped me find peace and quiet within myself. It has helped me see the beauty in nature, others, as well as myself. It has helped me continue on one of many paths in my spiritual journey.”